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Third Lows Productions presents


Directed by Abe Goldfarb | Written by Mac Rogers | Produced by Bryan Enk 

"An inventive, genre-bending story that’s well-acted and very competently directed … you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll rarely, if ever, have seen anything quite like it." - Rich Cross, Starburst Magazine


"It's got imagination in bucketloads. It's just so well written, the characters are so fascinating ... It would be a shame if people bypassed something like this in favour of not particularly impressive, empty, big studio fare because it's way better than most of that stuff." - Dr. Lauren McIntyre & Darren Gaskell, The Horrorcist


"The Horror at Gallery Kay is as socially relevant as The Shape of Water and as unnerving as a Lovecraft tale told by Rod Serling ... an EXCELLENT example of what a talented cast and crew can accomplish with a minimum amount of resources." - Cory Carr, Slaughter Film


"A beautifully crafted film [that] feels like it was birthed from somewhere between Lynch and Lovecraft ... The acting, directing, script and cinematography are all of award-winning quality." - Justin Hamelin, Ravenous Monster


"Much of the joy of this movie comes through the steadiness of its revelations ... an effective slowburn, a must for those who appreciate creative, low-budget horror with a patient, character-driven approach." - David Robson, The House of Sparrows


"It feels like H.P. Lovecraft and Richard Matheson getting together and writing a Night Gallery feature film … Fantastic performances … I love a film that gets me thinking and involved in what's going on [and] The Horror at Gallery Kay did just that." - Malcolm Johnson, The Horror Show


"[An] excellent movie with an incredibly powerful emotional core. Heartbreaking." - C. Dennis Moore, Movie Rewind


"A well acted and stunning film ... the entire cast is phenomenal and works perfectly together." - Blacktooth, Horror Society

"A very intriguing and emotionally deep story … hearkens back to films like David Lynch’s Eraserhead mixed with John Cassavetes’ Faces … there are plenty of questions, feelings, and interpretations to keep you coming back to this one." - Jeremie Sabourin, Cinema Smack

"Thoughtful, poetic, and imaginative storytelling ... the on-screen chemistry between all three of the protagonists is absolutely amazing." - Wormwood, Nevermore Horror

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